Resolution: 1 (I). Declaration of the institutional problems of the LDS Church

search your feelings
Photo courtesy Superhero Hype

Whereas the institutional LDS Church has not valued the dignity and worth of all persons and marginalized segments of membership,

Whereas the author, with other church members and stakeholders, believes that the church is institutionally not observing the basic Christian message,

Whereas mankind owes to humanity the importance of decrying policies and practices that violate that message,

Now therefore,

the author

Proclaims this Bloggernacle Blog to the end that the institutional LDS Church may better observe that message.

1st plenary couch-sit

12 November 2015


Published by: Rhett Wilkinson

Rhett is an evil journalist. At nine years old, Rhett wrote about Han Solo and Princess Leia getting married and having kids and a child named Ben. And also, Luke building a new Jedi Order and a New Republic being established. That all happened in the books or films, so he's still waiting for Lucasfilm to pay up!

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