Gay policy: Why it’s un-Christian, hypocritical and marginalizing the Mormon LGBT community

This rocked.

The LDS Church has a new policy where children of same-sex couples can’t get church blessings, even if they want them, until adult age. It’s so bad, there’s backlash even from faithful Mormons. Let alone the mass resignation scheduled for Saturday.

It’s that bad because it’s un-Christian, hypocritical and marginalizing the Mormon LGBT community.

Un-Christian, because Jesus Himself said “suffer the children… to come unto me.” Because Jesus Himself said that at the judgment, we will account for how we treated “the least of these.” Children must count; those who are gay must count.

Hypocritical, because the church’s own scripture, an “Article of Faith,” says “men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.” Also, “restoration scripture” — scripture, in the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, that is supposed to clarify the meaning of God’s plan — doesn’t say anything about homosexuality. Also, D&C 68:25-27 says that children should be baptized at eight years old. (So much for canonized scripture…)

Marginalizing, due to timing and reaction.

Timing: The policy was announced just days after a study by the Pew Forum for Religion and Public Life learned that Mormon acceptance of homosexuality increased 50 percent in just eight years.

Reaction: Persons in a same-sex marriage, also in the policy, are now on grounds for excommunication. How many children are going to want to be part of the church (when, by the way, they’ve already missed a blessing given to babies) via baptism after their parents have been ostracized? How many are going to call their parents’ lifestyles abominable, as the policy also asks? How many are going to want to go to church in the meantime? How many are going to want to join when they have more critical thinking skills and probably haven’t been groomed in the faith by then?

The church is run by smart people. They know this isn’t the case.

Why marginalize? Is it because enough of the faithful will do the same if they follow the church’s lead, ensuring future growth?

And children of the likes of child and drug abusers and rapists can still be blessed, baptized and, if you’re male, be ordained to the priesthood. Apparently it’s worse to be gay, which, along with speaking publicly against the church, is rated higher on a grounds-for-excommunication scale in church leaders’ handbook than acts like attempted murder.

The church already admitted that it completely messed up with a key policy in blacks and the priesthood. (Blacks were forbidden from the faith’s highest rites and authority until 1978.) It may just be making another key mistake rooted in cultural bias.

Joseph Smith taught “after all that has been said, the greatest and most important duty is to preach the Gospel.” Not to play politics with people’s lives.


7 thoughts on “Gay policy: Why it’s un-Christian, hypocritical and marginalizing the Mormon LGBT community”

  1. Please look at the latest release from the LDS church for the bishops and other leaders. It nullifies each and every point made here. The only people who are perpetuating this argument are those who are already disenfranchised from the church, or are finding an excuse to be so.


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