That gay policy piece is wrong in so many ways

Is the fire behind a much-shared post on the LDS Church's new gay policy a flame of faith or homophobia? Some rebuttals. Photo courtesy Denis Nurmela
Is the fire behind Christopher Cunningham’s post on the LDS Church’s new gay policy a flame of faith or homophobia? Some rebuttals. Photo courtesy Denis Nurmela

The LDS Church new gay policy that was so controversial that it divided even faithful members. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Christopher Cunningham’s write-up is controversial. ( is not church-owned; don’t be deceived.)

Below are rebuttals; find the full write-up here.

“Myth #1 These Changes Punish Children”

There is a disavowal clause in the policy, where a child would need to say that their parents have lived abominable lives in order to be baptized, even though they are adult age (18).

“Myth #2 Treats LGBT People Worse Than Other Sinners”

Restoration scripture says nothing about homosexuality.

“Myth #3 Violates the Church’s 2nd Article of Faith”

The Second Article of Faith is about more than just addressing the inherent evilness of man.

“Myth #4 Requires Children to Reject Parents”

It is unknown if anyone is saying that the policy asks for children to reject parents, but it does ask them to say that their parents’ lifestyle is abominable.

“Myth #5 Places Newborn Children in State of Apostasy” lied. It claimed that The Salt Lake Tribune’s headline was “New Mormon Policy Makes Apostates of Children from Same-Sex Unions.” It was actually “New Mormon policy makes apostates of married same-sex couples, bars children from rites.” 

“Myth #6 Church is Depriving Itself of LGBT Members”

The church is marginalizing gay and gay-friendly Mormons given timing and reaction. Timing: The policy was unveiled just a few days after the Pew study found that 50 percent more Mormons accepted homosexuality than in 2007 and other factors. Reaction: The church is ran by smart people. It must have figured that the LGBT Mormon community will feel less welcome in the church given the policy.

“Myth #7 This Hurts Me Personally”

Yes, it did hurt me personally, and now doubly personally given‘s post. How could I look in the eyes of my many gay friends and say that I truly do care for them while being true to the institutional church?

“Myth #8 The Church Lost and Should Move On”

Leaders did preach to oppose gay marriage politically and the Supreme Court ruling went the other way, and even this faithful site published an admittance that legal purposes were behind the decision.

“Myth #9 These Changes are Eternal Doctrine”

I actually agree — these changes are not official doctrine; they are policy. But that’s just it — since policies can change, this means that this one could easily be proven wrong. And other policies have been proven wrong in the past, the biggest being blacks and the priesthood, which the church admitted was a mistake.

“This Could Lead to a Great Exodus”

The context of Paul’s scripture indicates that Paul was actually talking about his day. And I don’t get the “spiritual safety” of following leadership on a mere policy, let alone one that is so hateful and problematic for all parties.


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