The LDS Church mass resignation has exploded nationally

LDS Church mass resignation
This basically blew up America. Photo courtesy Gephardt Daily

The LDS Church mass resignation was even more gargantuan than expected.

Now, it’s exploded nationally.

1,000 people were supposed to resign from the church Saturday at City Creek Park in Salt Lake City, according to advance reports and even the event’s own Facebook page.

But 50 percent more people resigned and 2,000 total attended, according to national media.

And we’re talking THE national media.

The New York Times. The Washington Post. CNN. The Los Angeles Times. Al Jazeera.

And the reports of the two biggest papers in America were in-depths, Google said.

And then there were those advance reports, also from THE national media.

That included stories from The Times, the Post, Huffington Post and BBC News.

Google ‘lds church mass resignation.’ (Unbelievable.)


9 thoughts on “The LDS Church mass resignation has exploded nationally”

  1. “But 50 percent more people resigned, with 2,000 total attending, according to national media.”

    100% more resigned. 50% more of 1,000 would mean that 1,500 people resigned.


  2. This is not a test for Church leaders. It is a test to see if you believe in revelation, and if our Church is led by a prophet. God has not changed His position. – it remains constant. People change and want God to agree with them.


    1. If God has not changed his position, then why did they have to “revise” their policy, which by the way is not based on dotrine? It was not a “clarification”, it was a change to what they originally said…..

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  3. Only 2000? That’s not very many when you really think about it. That’s probably about the same amount that join the Church every week worldwide. And probably 90% of those that resigned were inactive anyway.


    1. This was really commentary on the national media attention on the mass resignation at the very highest levels. The negative publicity reaching corners of America where Mormonism can’t even be found is immeasurable.


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