The Ask Mormon Girl column is no more

Joanna Brooks 2
Joanna Brooks gives bonnets to Jon Stewart.  Photo courtesy Feminist Mormon Housewives

I did not until now realize that Joanna Brooks (remember her?) retired her Ask Mormon Girl column, as she announced on her website,

You may remember that Joanna Brooks was the Mormon social liberal before intense Mormon social liberal-ness.  She was Kate Kelly before Kate Kelly. She enjoyed the spotlight (Jon Stewart! The New York Times!) right as tensions ramped up between the LDS Church and its membership over social issues.

(The San Diego State professor helped me and I lost employment because of it. Another story…)

It’s only been a few years since Joanna Brooks was fully in the Mormon limelight. What happens now? Will she be seen with Ordain Women? Leading a resignation? Joining Community of Christ?

She is still around. She was published in Religion Dispatches about the LDS Church’s extremely controversial gay policy and co-edited “Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings.” That was released in recent weeks.

Still, many of us are eager to see where she goes next.


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