How the LDS Church is smothering a sacred doctrine

Christ 1
The beholding of Jesus Christ Himself is the Second Comforter. It’s a doctrine of the LDS Church but the church has removed references to it in its own scriptures. Photo courtesy Light Planet

Nine years ago, LDS Church scriptures referenced a sacred doctrine. Today, the references are gone.

Is it motivated by membership retention?

The Second Comforter is the beholding of Jesus Christ Himself. It is akin to the First Comforter of the Holy Ghost.

Denver Snuffer has written about Mormonism. He wrote, “the footnotes in LDS scripture confirmed that John 14: 16, 18 and 23 were referring to (the Savior). They were Christ’s promise that He would appear to His disciples. In the latest revisions to the LDS scriptures, the reference was changed and redefined to mean the Holy Ghost, and not Christ.

“The LDS Church has not yet changed, altered or deleted the explanation to John 14:23 in the D&C. That volume of scripture still states: “John 14:23—The appearing of the Father and the Son, in that verse, is a personal appearance; and the idea that the Father and the Son dwell in a man’s heart is an old sectarian notion, and is false.”  (D&C 130: 3.)

“The elimination of the footnotes was not inadvertent. The LDS Church no longer teaches that it is possible for a faithful Latter-day Saint to receive the Second Comforter. …

“The last time the Second Comforter was mentioned in general conference was in the early 1970’s. It is not covered in Priesthood, Relief Society or Gospel Doctrine lesson manuals of the church. It is not on the correlation committee’s approved list of topics suitable for discussion.”

One might say that the church’s move is in effort to retain membership in an indirect way. Multiple sects have broken away from LDS Mormonism in the past because someone said that they had a Joseph Smith-like experience in seeing the Savior or having visions.

So, the church may be trying to limit break-offs, which could stem from someone’s experience with Christ and even the Second Comforter.

One might say that it would be wrong for followers or the testator his/herself to break away from the church because of that experience. But the church is wrong to deny such an experience and keep that knowledge from its members when its doctrine said that’s exactly that can happen.

And one who has actually seen the Savior might be insulted by the church’s move.

Read Snuffer’s post in full here. (Note: the author of this post read the book Snuffer refers to and found no false Mormon doctrine in it.)


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