‘Elder Bowen in Manila, or the Abrahamic Covenant is about setting your alarm’

Nearing Kolob is excellent at reporting questionable words and actions by general authorities at mission conferences. The latest:

Elder Bowen in Manila, or is the Abrahamic Covenant About Setting Your Alarm?

Elder Shayne Bowen of the Seventy and counselor in the Philippines Area Presidency (and former mission president of our friend Geoff Openshaw of This Week in Mormons) visited Manila a few weeks ago and I thought a few comments by missionaries in attendance were interesting.

Elder Bowen on the Abrahamic Covenant (emphasis mine):

The topics for the conference were, The Abrahamic Covenant, The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood, The Baptismal Covenant, and the House of Israel. VERY DEEP DOCTRINE if you ask me. Elder Bowen is a boss. I will just put it like that. He tied the Abrahamic Covenant to waking up on time as missionaries. Like, he related ALL of it to us as missionaries. It was crazy. (LINK)

He talked a lot about the Abrahamic Covenant, the House of Israel, Baptismal Covenants, and the Priesthood. He tied it all in with who we are as members, priesthood holders, and missionaries. He said this: “When you know who you really are, you will act accordingly.” (LINK)

Elder Bowen shaming missionaries about feeling comfortable (emphasis mine):

Another thing that struck me from Elder Bowen’s counsel to us was when he said, “If you go home and ever feel comfortable in the world, shame on you. Shame on you because you are not of this world” I want to do all that I can now to make the changes that I need to make in myself, and to make them permanent. (LINK)

Elder Bowen on failed missionaries (emphasis mine):

“The best missionaries in the church were released last week, and if they’re not they did something wrong. Your best needs to get better every day, that’s what we call eternal progression.” (LINK)

Elder Bowen on being single, divorced, having an apostate spouse, being an apostate spouse, etc. (emphasis mine):

“We use a lot of numbers and talk about a lot of different statistics in this work, but let’s not forget what it’s all about. (He had his wife stand next to him at this part). To me Sister Bowen represents the fullness of the gospel… It’s the plan of Happiness…We go back together (sealed as husband and wife) or we don’t go back.” (LINK)
Elder Bowen on changes in the mission and promises of success (emphasis mine):
He made some changes to our mission, nothing major. Actually one thing major. EVERYDAY we are to have 30 OYMS. For here in Rizal, that was the goal for our area EVERY WEEK. Just because there are so few people here. But Elder Bowen said something interesting (The spirit flooded the room again when he said this). He said this, “I promise, In the name of Jesus Christ, that if EVERY companionship in this mission will do this, this mission will DOUBLE in baptisms.” That’s what he said. That is going to be so hard. But I know we can do it. It is going to be difficult, but worth it. (LINK)

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