How media learned about the LDS Church’s gay policy

The producers.

If they aren’t getting themselves into trouble, then they do it to others?

Such was the case with a lead KUTV2 producer and the LDS Church over the church’s controversial gay policy, KUTV2 reporter Amy Nay said.

The producer was visiting one of the websites of ex-Mormon advocate John Dehlin. And there it was: a certain portion of the LDS Church’s Handbook 1, a guide for leaders. The pages had new provisions of church blessings withheld from children of a parent in a same-sex relationship and the classification of apostasy for those in a same-sex marriage.

That’s what Nay told the author of this post. She offered as much after the policy was rolled out, while covering a candlelight vigil around Pioneer Park in Salt Lake City. Nay spoke with the author shortly before the event began.

Nay did not offer the producer’s name.

For Nay’s story, click here. For a look at those handbook changes, click here.


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