Elder Holland offers why he’s not ‘stupid’

No one was asking…

Nearing Kolob quotes Mormon apostle Jeffrey R. Holland in his talking about believing in Mormonism and being intelligent. Then, the question is asked why Holland feels like he needs to offer why he doesn’t believe in a fictitious organization. See below:

Elder Holland, Missionaries, and Fairy Tales

Elder Holland has said some interesting things recently during mission tours (i.e. that he would“hunt you down” if you left the church and he had some “heated” discussion accompanying “slapping”).

Well, once again one missionary serving in Arizona wrote an interesting quote from Elder Holland (emphasis of quote is mine):

I learned a lot of things in that training session with Elder Holland. But the biggest thing a took away from that is, “I didn’t devote my life to a Fairy Tale. I’m Not Stupid.” This is real. Nothing that I know about the Gospel is false. It is absolutely true. Without a doubt. And nothing can change my mind.

Of course saying “I’m not stupid” echoes language he used in his BBC interview when he said “I’m not an idiot. I’ve read a couple books and been to a pretty good school. And I have chosen to be in this church because of the faith that I feel and the inspiration that comes… And I’d like to think that your respect for me would be enough to know that this man doesn’t seem like a dodo.”

But I’m also curious why he felt the need to say that he hasn’t devoted his “life to a Fairy Tale.”


2 thoughts on “Elder Holland offers why he’s not ‘stupid’”

  1. lol 🙂 That’s the quickest way to make a Mormon lose their temper, just use the term “Fairy Tales” liberally when debating church doctrine.. hehe


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