The new LDS church gay ‘website’ has issues. Here’s why.

Nice try, Mormon church. (Credit: Now. Here. This.)

A leading statement from the LDS church’s new “website” — or web section, as its URL ( bears witness of, is this:

“I now speak directly to Church members who experience same-sex attraction, or who identify as gay, lesbian or bisexual. … You have great talents and abilities to offer God’s kingdom on earth…” –Elder L. Whitney Clayton

So spoke the LDS church leader who legally led the church’s effort in 2008 against same-sex marriage in California through support for the state’s Proposition 8.

And that’s how it goes? The church saw that optimal growth would entail involvement from its LGBTQ members?

Seems that is what the quote, at least, is getting at, with some nice rhetoric. (“God’s kingdom” worked well on me even until about three months ago, 12 months into my disbelief and lack of affiliation with the church.)

The probable reason for the church’s whole efforts in reaching out to gays — utilitarianism — is one of many issues in the wake of this web news.


Nothing actually changed

  • Practicing homosexuality is still a sin.
  • Per the policy leaked in Nov. 2015, it can still get you excommunicated. If you are practicing and have children, those innocent souls are still forbidden from salvific rites, according to the church, and would have to denounce their parents’ lifestyle and do so only after 18 years. (So, spiritual murder. According to the church.)

The website is the lipstick, the policy the pig.

The church didn’t even acknowledge The Policy anywhere

Even though the policy, in just 11 months, has seen 71 LGBTQ teen suicides in its wake, according to Mama Dragons co-founder Wendy Williams Montgomery.

This site is worse than the decent “Mormons and Gays”

This web section has a brand of faith more than the website, as if to compensate for the clinical stuff if acknowledged in the former. That is too bad given that restoration scripture themselves (the Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants) is rather mum on homosexuality (which may be because Joseph Smith, the author of those books, lived in a time where homosexuality wasn’t an issue).

The other site seemed to be more about reconciliation for stakeholders who had been hurt. Now, there is a lead quote from the seventy who led the Prop. 8 effort.

So,this time around, it was about more faith, less reconciliation.

Lying amidst the roll-out

Church leaders call the website section “simply an update” from (and the proof is because the old site now redirects to the new website section?).

Except that the prior website didn’t include any of the following:

  • Five testimonials from LGBTQ Mormons
  • “Above and beyond getting into the content of the website, the URL is absolutely fantastic — it’s an inclusive statement,” said Mitch Mayne, a prominent gay Mormon.
  • “The update presents a marked shift away from exclusionary rhetoric,” according to CNN.
  • About 1,700 words and five videos on “loving one another” come before the initial direct expression that “homosexual activity is a sin.”

The church associates being gay — which is natural — with dealing with “abuse,” “disabilities” and “suicide”

Because, let’s face it. To put being gay much beyond these struggles would put the church in doom because even the most devout would realize that the church is wrong.

P.S. LGBTQ friends, if this is the blind, cultish faith you would need to demonstrate as he has to survive in the church, then please — if even for your mental health — don’t.


2 thoughts on “The new LDS church gay ‘website’ has issues. Here’s why.”

  1. Oh, so the Church is about to un-excommunicate me? It will take back what it said about my partner? It will admit that its Article 12 wasn’t honoured in respect of the UK law on Civil Partnership? Let me see, how long did black folk have to wait for the Priesthood? And they will comprehend the content of my book of verse “The Mormon Gay”?


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